Our vision

A world where all work is valued and respected, everyone is paid fairly, and no one is living in poverty.

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We’ve started with kinder cleaning. Our mission is to make cleaning a valued and respected profession by paying our staff a living wage, giving them wraparound support and seeking out opportunities for learning and development.


We’re proud of what we do

Cleaning is a meticulous and physical job, and we love it! We take pride in our work and nothing compares to the satisfaction we get when our customers see the difference it makes.

We invest in the under-represented

We are feminist, queer, anti-racist and value respectful relationships, especially with people at the margins of the workforce.

We're results-oriented

We don’t just talk about creating impact, we actually do it. And we measure it. We use evidence and data to produce impact reports of the work we do and support our claims.

 The Fresh Desk Team




I'm a passionate cleaner and a full time aunty to my nieces Kaea and Aaria.

I made the move to become a Fresh Desk cleaner when I saw how diverse the team was here, and how everyone is respected and valued. Working at Fresh Desk has given me opportunities like professional development (I recently headed to a conference about social enterprise and working with our communities, it was really interesting).




Before moving to NZ, I received my Bachelors in Computer Science in India. I completed my diploma in Software Development at Cornell Institute, Auckland. I’m a naturally social person who loves adventuring!

At Fresh Desk, I enjoy working with such a multicultural team, and the chance it gives me to improve my communication and people skills, while building confidence.




I love spending time with my family and mokos and hanging out and the beach (I want to save for a holiday in Fiji). Working at Fresh Desk is great because they pay a living wage, and I also have the convenience of working at one site.

I bring an incredibly high standard to this job, and work hard to maintain that to make our clients happy.




After working several housekeeping jobs, I decided to join Fresh Desk. Fresh Desk stood out to me because they seemed to really care about their employees and encouraged honest feedback from team members.

I have a passion for making customers happy. One of my greatest strengths is having consistently high standards – I’ve got what I call “five star eyes” to see every tiny detail, things other people don’t notice!




My son is the most important thing in my life. Because of him I wake up every day to give my best in everything I do, and I think that small details make great things.

Working at Fresh Desk is a new experience for me, where I learn new things every day and I can practice my English which is my second language.




I have completed my Master's degree (MBA in IT management) and recently started working part time in Fresh Desk.

I believe that caring for our health and the environment is as important as caring for our home. So I like to work with Fresh Desk because all the cleaning supplies we use are free of nasty chemicals, which is good for us, our customers and the planet.



Supervisor Wellington

I balance work with being a mum to three amazing kids. Since joining Fresh Desk, I've completed my level 2 certificate and now I'm working towards my supervisor qualification.

Keeping open communication with customers is important to me because it lets me organise things so that everything runs smoothly.




Working in the Australian social sector gave me the values and experience needed to co-found Fresh Desk: collaboration, facilitation and developing people.

I’m a qualified trainer and assessor and in my time off I am learning to ski!




I’m a social change practitioner with 15 years’ international experience.

In Australia I was part of an award- winning team creating positive community health impacts.

Since returning to NZ I have directed my life long love of learning towards understanding commercial aspects of running a business.




I started working for Fresh Desk while I was in high school – I wanted to find a job and my mum was cleaning at Fresh Desk, so I decided to take the opportunity. My favourite part about the job is getting to meet new people, especially when the Auckland team come down to Wellington and we all get to work on jobs together.

In my spare time, I love getting outdoors – heading to the beach or going for walks.

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 About Us

Do you know what it feels like to have your office cleaned by living wage employees who love their job and use only the best eco-friendly cleaning products? If you’ve never worked with Fresh Desk, you probably don’t – and we’ll be honest... you’re missing out.

Fresh Desk was born out of necessity. Cleaning is solitary, meditative and immensely satisfying. It’s also hard physical work and requires experience and attention to detail to achieve high-quality results. But the value of this service is typically overlooked. Because of this, many cleaners struggle financially. Fresh Desk pays employees the living wage, and you’ll notice the difference: an exceptionally clean, sparkling office every time.

With all our love for being clean, we’d be doing something wrong if we weren’t keeping our planet clean too. Fresh Desk cleaners only use eco-friendly products and sustainable methods to get your premises sparkling. We’re also an Ākina-listed social enterprise and part of the fwd: directory, which helps organisations be more socially and environmentally responsible.

 A Safe and Supportive Workplace


Health and Safety Accredited

Fresh Desk has a green rating from Sitewise, which indicates a very high level of commitment to the safety of our team and our customers.


Support and Training For Employees

Fresh Desk helps staff members gain NZQA certificates for professional development (and to help improve language skills for those who have English as a second language).



"My background is in cleaning work and cleaning is hard work, it's an underpaid industry… If I wouldn't do it for minimum wage, why would I expect others to?"

- Nicole Oxenbridge, Fresh Desk Co-Founder